‘Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand…’

Auguries of Innocence – William Blake

For nearly 17 years Miss Crabb has been the romantic swagger in the NZ fashion marketplace. People use the word timeless all the – um – time; an easy designation thrown about to denote authenticity. But in this case, and for Kristine’s work, the designs walk the talk. Miss Crabb’s collections are always beautiful, elegant and genuinely articulated.

Neoclassica is a core-range of Miss Crabb classics, produced every Summer and Winter in New Zealand. Each new season brings fresh colours, fabrics and updated styles, some of which were originally designed back in 2004/2005. Many Neoclassica pieces are ‘one size fits all’, ensuring there is something special for every woman, at any time or place.


Shoot Personnel:

Pictures: David James

Face: Artist Sam Norton

Styling: Dominique Burton and The Service Depot

With: ORSWO accessories

Thanks to ENJOY & MCLEAVY galleries for the wonderful location.

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